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Chantal is a well educated person. She has completed various academic studies; these studies have influenced her personality and the professional roles that she has performed.

Chantal is a graduate in psychology, the human knowledge that she gained in these studies, has had a positive impact on her contacts within society. People are satisfied with her work and qualities and ask for her repeat services.

Chantal took her first steps in theatre when she was 14 years old. She followed a professional education in drama at the Antwerp Theatre School: Studio Herman Teirlinck. To further her drama education Chantal has studied 'recitation' at the Conservatory in Antwerp.

Chantal participated in many Miss-election finals, including Queen of Grapes, Miss Province Antwerp, Miss Belgian Beauty, Miss Diamond and Strawberry Princess. Being a prize winner in these contests has assisted Chantal to work, on occasions as a model.

Chantal works today, as a professional presenter and animator at different company events. On the TV station Vitaya she has presented different programs.